Our Programmes

Interactive lecture demonstration (ILD) programme for High school, PU, UG and PG students in Science/ Engineering

Under the ILD program teachers would explain the basic principles of science using relevant instruments, involving students in performing experiments. This would make students understand and have a feel of the underlying processes/relevant parameters in a much better way.

Question: Can you have a feel of the force of 1 Newton or demonstrate it practically?

Experimentation and observation
(for students of High School level)

Under this program, children are asked to perform relevant experiments/calculations from the topics covered in their curriculum, record the observations and explain the concerned phenomena. Such an approach is aimed to develop practical skills in students.

Example: How to you prove π =22/7, one of the ancient inventions by Indian mathematicians.

Science activity for High School and PUC level students

In this program, students are provided with instruments relevant to their curriculum and are motivated to demonstrate relevant scientific phenomena by performing hands on experiments using these instruments.

Exercise: To find focal lengths of a concave mirror and a convex lens

Some of the epoch making experiments that are relevant to students of UG and PG levels in Science/ Engineering will also be demonstrated

In this program relevant experiments from the curriculum are selected and the experimental procedures are explained to the students. Students are then asked to perform these experiments, discuss the results obtained and their significance. This approach is aimed to develop their experimental skills as well as understanding of the underlying principles.

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