About Us

Time Line Interactive Science Centre (TLISC) is a private enterprise established with the objective to motivate students and science teachers for developing interest in basic science through hands on experience by performing lab experiments.

Science is a practical subject which can be effectively taught to students through experimental demonstrations. We call this new method of teaching science as Interactive Lecture Demonstration (ILD).

The instruments required for lecture demonstration in physics are provided by KamalJeeth Instrumentation & Service Unit (KJISU), Bengaluru. Relevant experimental set-up and exhibits on basic science subjects will be added in the near future. For the time being the building for housing the Centre is provided by KJISU. In due course, the Centre will acquire suitable land and construct a building for housing the Centre.

Facilities presently available at the Centre

  • A lecture hall for conducting interactive lecture demonstration sessions;
  • Science Exhibits with relevant details of the various items displayed in the Centre;
  • A science lab and a demonstrator to help students/teachers to perform various experiments; and Posters on scientific inventions and inventors together with relevant instruments.

Basic facilities such as washrooms, water, parking facilities etc. are provided in the Centre.

The main objectives of the Time Line Interactive Science Centre (TLISC) are:

  • To create curiosity and interest in school and college students in basic sciences by observing innovative exhibits displayed in the Centre;
  • To provide hands-on training in science experiments to school and college students employing materials that are used in daily life;
  • To motivate school students to understand basic concepts in science and inculcate scientific temper in them in their day to day activities;
  • To organize interactive lecture demonstration activities for high school and college students accordance with their science curriculum;
  • To create awareness in school students of advancements in science taking place globally;
  • To conduct training programs for science teachers on the curriculum taught by them;
  • To design and develop teaching and learning modules using commonly available materials; and
  • To provide lab facilities to teachers as well as students for motivating them to perform science experiments on their own.

Location of the Centre

Time Line Interactive Science Centre(TLISC) is located on Gerukatte- Kunjathur Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple Road at Pavoor village of Manjeshwara taluka in Kasargod district, north Kerala. Manjeshwara is the nearest railway station. Kasargod in the south and Mangalore in the north are the two major railway stations equidistant (about 25Km) from TLISC. Government buses fly frequently from Kasargod and Mangalore via Manjeshwara. While coming by train or bus, one can get down at Manjeshwara railway station bus stop and hire an autorickshaw to reach the Centre. Mangalore airport is the nearest airport (about 55Km) from the Centre.

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